Guests from Central Asia often come in large families. For example, when guests request several rooms for accommodation, including their children and parents - they stay with us for three generations at once. At the same time, the speed of service is also extremely important and is one of the key factors of guest loyalty. Especially business clients often request the quietest possible rooms in order to sleep, sometimes even during the day, after long flight. Therefore, our employees need to take into account the preferences of guests. We also pay special attention to the quality of laundry. It is important for guests that this process is simple and convenient. Logistics is particularly worth mentioning: at the request of Asian and other companies, we can organize a regular minibus transfer. Usually Usually, a large group goes in a mini-bus. Firstly, the partners appreciate it very much, and secondly, it is convenient for us - you always know that people will not arrive before the appointed hour, and you can calmly, without haste, clean rooms, replenish mini–bars etc., this is an operational convenience for the hotel..